This page describes the items that are either special or have a story behind it, and is most often owned by one of the player characters.

Stormclaw: A magical broad bladed greatsword found in the lair of a blue dracolich in the Akana Peaks. The cross guard looks like the claws of a dragon. On one side of the blade there is a ligtning motif. On the other there is written: I belong to the right hand of Tchazzar

The blade once belonged to Tchazzar’s first general when he united Ghessenta. Tchazzar was pleased to see the weapon again, but had no use for it. So he asked if any of the characters felt that they were worthy to wield the blade. The barbarian Kezir stood forward and claimed so. A warlord like Tchazzar always value courage, so it was gifted to Kezir for his bravery to stand up for himself and the boldness to make such a claim.

The sword is a +4 shocking burst greatsword.

Demon armor: A magical demonic armor found in an anciant armory in the ruined Narfell ruin of Val Murtag. Is colored dark red, and i shaped to look like a horned demon.

These types of armors are often used by champions of evil gods, and are always highly treasured. This one is worn by Father Thakor Harash.

Stats can be found in the 3.5 DMG.

Mercy of Tiamat: A powerful scepter of Healing created by Tharkor Harash, to ensure the survival of his allies in the future. The scepter is forged in precious metals and is topped with a dragon head made in gold. The head loosly resembles that of a red dragon.

It is always carried by Tharkor Harash

The scepter his a scepter with Heals (2 charges per casting)


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