Important places

This is a list of the places that in some way or the other have had an impact on the campain, is important or have stood out.

Val Murtag: An ancient Narfell city that now lie as ruins in the eastern part of The Great Dale. But eventhou the surface part of the city have been destroyed in ancient spell battle with the Raumatharian empire, much of the cities catacombs, vaults and demon temples still exist deep underground. The local druid circle of Lethyr guards the place from intruders and ignorant adventures who could unleash unknown demonic power from the deep.

Tomb of Nergal: The resting place of the dead Untheric spirit god Nergal. This huge ziggurat structure holds the earthly remains of the god king. It lies in the central part of The Great Dale and is guarded by hordes of undead grypt fiends and wraiths. It was built a long time ago, when the northen borders of the early Untheric empire stretched all to way up to the forrested lands of The Great Dale. The locals fear the place, and know it only as The Great Barrow.

Tomb of Utu: The resting place of the dead Untheric ocean god Utu. This is a huge ziggurat structure holds the dead body of the god king, and is placed in the northen part of the Adder swamp. It is guarded by a huge tribe of werecrocodiles, sent there by Umberlee, The Sea Queen, to prevent Utu from ever rising again. The character have made a deal with the tribe, to ensure that Tchazzars armies can cross the swamproad, and the black dragons allied with him can live in the southern part. All the tribe wants, is to be left alone.

Important places

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