Lynn, Sophia

Young female wizard from Impiltur


Sophia Lynn is petite young Wizard no more than 5 feet (152 cm.) tall and weighing 100 pounds (50 kg.). Sophia has long and strait black hair reaching the middle of her back. She has green eyes and her normally pale skin has shifted to a golden tan.

Her curved feminine features makes her a quite attractive woman. Sophia spends hundreds of days in the field which allows her to keep physically fit. She would have looked good in a dress with plenty skin showing were it not for her recent battlescars. She is alright now but on the left part of her face you can see four deep gashes going across, only spared a small part of her nose. Some skin from the left cheek is gone and you can see a couple of teeth through the hole there. I pretty much looks like some wild animal ripped her face. Scars show elsewhere on her body aswell. On her left leg she wears a mechanical contraption to support her leg when moving. This thing is delicately made but it still makes Sophia look clumsy when she moves and she still maintains a steady limp.

Because Sophia is disfigured she always wears a mask. Depending on the occasion she will wear a mask that covers the left half of her face or a full faced mask. All of the delicately made of marble in chromatic colors and ornamented in different patterns. As mentioned the masks are mainly to cover her scared face but a full faced mask is useful to appear mysterious or partly anonymous. Different masks for different occasions – in battle for instance she will wear the full face, half black and white mask with chromaticly colored streaks around the left (white) part of the mask.

Sophia wears very different clothes depending on what she expects to do that day. On her days “off” back in Cimbar she wears simple clothing in very neutral colors like grey, black, sandy yellow and brown. Sophia refers from wearing revealing clothes – she is covered from the neck with a collar reaching the chin to wrists and ankles. Sophia only wears skirts or dresses at special occasions – she is normally content with finer but ordinary dessing style. On hot days she is simply content with wearing thinner layers or using the endure elements spell. It is not emediately appearent that Sophia is a wizard if ones sees her on the market – you can tell by her staff but then again it can be mistaken for a fine walking stick.

For battle Sophia is dressed in a quite different style. Again she would still be covered from neck to wrists and ankles but for battle she wears a tight black leather armor looking outfit with boots reach just over the calf. This is not to show off her impressive female curves but for practical reasons. Leather is a quality material – rough, practical and partially waterproof. This outfit is ideal for days spent in the field, however that may look on the given day. On top of the leather she wears a very open and practical robe – which shows and allows movement of her legs. It’s sleeves ending just before the elbow. The inside of her robe conceals her rods and wands. The robe is there more because it is custom for wizards. Sophia’s theory is that wizards wear robes because it is too damn cold in their labs. Finally on top of the robe Sophia wears a midnight blue cloak with a hood.


Lynn, Sophia

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