“Maybe in the east”

This sentence is often used in the west to discredit an unbelievable and outrageous claim. But often, it is more correct then the westernes know.

The unapproachable east is a huge realm steeped in plots for power and webs of intrigue. Here sisterhoods of witches and elven sorcerers rule entire nations, Cabals of evil wizards plots world dommination, the raging barbarians are the epitome of martial might and ancient empires cling to their last vestiges of power.

In these lands power is everything. People who whole the reins of power in the west, would in the east only be considered pawns in the greater scheme of things. Archmages, High priests and lurking assassins are plentiful, and the demon lords and god kings of old are still fresh in peoples memory.

These are dangerous lands, and if a man do not look out for his own back, he will soon find a blade between his shoulders.

In this fatal game of life, death and power we find our characters. A mixed group of individuals from different walks of life, but all united in their quests for wealth and power through service to those who have it.