The Three Lords

This small group of powerful individuals are the advisers of Tchazzar, and the most powerful non-dragon allies of the great dragon on the material plane. They serve him as ministers in runnig his nation.

Lord Nevron: The Lord Magister of Ghessenta. The former Zulkir governs over all affairs regarding magic, monsters, the academy of magic and allies on other planes.

Lord Kitarn: The Lord of Faith. The high priest of Tiamat governs over all matter of Morality, law and religion. He is also served by a council consisting of priest from all major religions in the nation.

King Hippartes: The Lord General of Ghessenta. King Hippartes is the commander the combined armies that serves Tchazzar. His responsibilities are the warfare, the army, the navy and the security of the nation. Is served by a council of warlords and officers.

Their is also a series of smaller councils that governs other parts of the nation like trade, foreign relations, taxes and agricultur. But these are not controlled by a powerful individual such as the three lords.

Every Lord and council answers to the god king in the end, but Tchazzar have alot of other things on his mind, and need mighty lieutenants to reach his goals of conquest.

The Three Lords

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