The story so far

First, in the year 1372, the characters served served as agents for the Zulkir of conjuration in Thay, Nevron. The job included problem solving, enforcing buisness deals and securing their zulkirs power over the land. But during the year of 1373 alot of things changed. In secret Nevron had changed his alliances. He no longer had the expansion of Thays military and mercantile power as his objective, since he had gained nothing from Thays mercantile empire, and many of the other zulkirs no longer wanted conquest. So a new master and organisation was sponsoring him, The Church of Tiamat. And more importantly, the characters all followed their master into the claws of their new god. But they all still continued doing their best and kept up the charade as the agents of the red wizards.

Shortly after new years eve 1374 all changed. Szass Tam, the zulkir of necromancy, had figured out that Nevron had changed his allegiances, and launched an attack on Nevron’s fortress with great shade creatures and hordes of undead. During the attack, the characters fought back the shadow creatures and went to defend their master. They discovered that Yaphyll, the zulkir of divination, had spyed on Nevron. She was summoned by him, and destroyed in the ensuing magical battle.

After the siege alot of things were set into action. Nevron had in secret started to move his legion of soldiers and monsters, in preparation for abandoning the nation of Thay. In a daring move Nevron and his ally zulkir, Aznar Thrul, and Lauzoril sought to flee to Ghessenta and greener pastures, and take a large of the Thayan fleet with them. It succeded, but Thrul was assassinated by unknown demonic forces during the commosion, and Lauzoril was tricked and sacrificed as a divertion.

Now the characters find themselves in new lands across the sea. Here they still serve Lord Nevron, now the right hand of Tchazzar, the red dragon, who have returned in his old human form as the old god king of Ghessenta, and he have set his eyes on the nations of Ghessenta, Unther and Mulhorand, and who have the backing of the mighty dragon queen herself, Tiamat.

Almost all of western Ghessanta has fallen into the claws of Tchazzar and the old capitol city of Cimbar. Both of the warrior cities, Airspur and Akanax, have sworn allegiance to cimbar. Only the city stats of Soonenar, Lutheq and Mordulkin are left. But these are still formiddable cities, and other enemies are also present. There are border disbutes with Ghondath, and other more ancient powers still lurk in the shadows.

The people of the nation have in the start not been told that the old hero, the god king Tchazzar, have returned. So far, the official story have been that there is a new sceptanar in Cimbar with dreams of conquest, and that he rules through The Three Lords.

The plan was to unite the people under the banner of Tchazzar when his army is large enough to take back what was once his and create a mighty nation led by the reincarnated god king.

But new enemies soon changed this. The Cult of the Dragon have had a change in power, because of the death of Sammaster. Their new master in the east, is Tchazzar’s ancient rival, the Great Bone Wyrm Askalabantos of Threskel, and he have sent out his allied dracoliches to thwart the plans of his rival.

To answar this new threat Tchazzar have revealed himself to his people and the world. Not as the mighty red dragon, but as the god king and Father of Ghessenta. To the roar of the crowds he stepped out of the palace on the day of the new year 1375. He promised his people that they again shall take what they want with the tip of the sword, and show the world that Ghessenta is amongst the most powerful of nations. Many of the citizens of Cimbar fell to their knees praying and thanking the heavens that there god king have returned to lead them.

Now the ranks of the armies are swelling with new recruits eager for glory under the god kings banner. The plan now is to gather the armies and march east toward the city states not yet under the claw of Tchazzar. First bringing Soonenar under control, then destroying the nobles of Lutheq, conquering Mordulkn and finally bringing the battle to The Great Bonewyrm himself on the plains of Threskel.

Many opportunities will certainly arise for the notable people to earn glory for the sceptanar, and push the war effort in his favor.

The situation at this time in Ghessenta is as follows. Both Airspur and Akanax have sworn allegiance to Cimbar and the new Sceptanar, and the city Soonenar will be following them by alle repports. But both Lutheq and Mordulkin are putting up millitary resistance. Tchazzar have used the Legions from Akanax to capture alle the villages and farmlands around the Akanamere Lake, and the mines in the southern mountains. This will ensure enough resources for drive the enormous war machine that Tchazzars Ghessenta will become.

Tchazzar have placed himself to become the largest power in the eastern part of Faerûn. Behind him he have the combined armies and resources of Cimbar, Akanax and Airspur, together with the hordes of monster and magic users that Lord Nevron brougth from Thay. Aswell as the largest fleet in the Sea of Fallen Stars.

He also have the support of the Church of Tiamat, along the with their holy warriors The Chromatic Knights.

At the same time, Tchazzar have other allies granted life by Tiamat. Her other favored children Gestaniius and Skuthosiin the Venomous are also gathering forces around Unther and Mulhorand in preperation of Tchazzar conquering the east.

But also from other places potential allies had come forth. Rumours have it that the Zhentarim were looking for an ally across the sea, since they have begun their campaing against the dale lands, and have meet strong resistance from the elf expidition trying to retake Myth Drannor.
Also Lord Bel, the Archdevil of Avernus approached Tchazzar and the church of Tiamat with an offer of an alliance. An alliance that have been accepted, and so far have yielded valuable information for both sides, and trading of magic between the forces of these mighty lords.

Conquest of Ghessenta:
Even thou the minions of The Bone Wyrm always lurked in the shadows, and his mighty Draco Liches caused problems, the forces of Tchazzar still moved forward to conquer the country.

Soonenar swore fealty to Tchazzar after a simple show of force from the Akanax legions.

Lutheq was more difficult, but luckely the Dragon Queen had worked on subverting the leading noble house of the city. Thereby they were stripped of divine magic, and the characters sacrificed them to a magical manifistaion of Tiamat.

Mordulkin was also troublesome to conquer. The Cult of the Dragon had en secret taken control of the city tribunal, and had to be removed first. This was difficult since a large force of veteran mercenaries were hired to protect the city. But eventually it was done by the characters, and the city fell to a full scale attack.

During the Campaign through Ghessenta the army moved slow, so the characters still did other things for Tchazzar and The Three Lords. They made southern part into a home for a pair of black dragons, found a powerful scroll for Lord Nevron in and ancient Narfell ruin, raided The Black Ash Citadel, gained the allegiance of both the local Duegar and the great red dragon Gyanathos, as well as discovering several god tombs of ancient Unther.

Battle with The Bone wyrm:

(more to come…)

The story so far

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