The nation of Ghessanta

This will be a description of the most important cities and sites in the nation of Chessenta.

Cimbar: The nations capitol and the seat of power for Tchazzar

Akanax: A city with a long tradition for warfare

Airspur: A trading port with a large half-ork population

Soonenar: A large merchant city on the Chessentan coast.

Lutheq: A coastal city that is dominated by anti arcane politics

Mordulkin: A merchant city on the eastern part of the coastline. Technically not a part of the nation created by Tchazzar

Akanmere Lake: The large inland lake that provides fish and water, and is thereby the breadbasket of Ghessenta.

The Adder Swamp: A huge svamp in the central part of the Ghessentan bay.

The nation of Ghessanta

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