Organisations and cults

Here will be a list of the organisations, cults and churches of the Forgotten Realms that have had an impact on the campaing or the characters.

The church of Tiamat: The unholy institution that whorships the dragon queen in her aspects of chromatic dragons, greed and conquest.

The church of Tchazzar: A Chessentan cult that whorships Tchazzar, as the hero who created Chessenta.

The Three Lords: The Three lord that governs many importants aspects of Ghessenta under Tchazzar’s rule.

The church of Bane: The church that whorships Bane, the god known as the black hand and lord of tyranny.

The Zhentarim: An evil organisation of spies, assassins, wizards and whorshippers of Bane based in the Moonsea area. Lead by the choosen of Bane. There have been talks of them allying themselves with the church of Tiamat.

The Red Wizards: A cabal of evil wizards that rules the nation of Thay with an iron fist. Is lead by the eight zulkirs.

The Chromatic Knights: An unholy order of champions that serves Tiamat.

The Shadow Lords: One of the mightiest thieve guilds in Faerûn. They have spies everywhere and are based in the nation of Thesk.

The Cult of the Dragon: A fanatic cult that follow the written word of their lich master Sammaster. They create dracholiches and believe that one day the undead dragons shall rule the world.

Organisations and cults

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