House rules

Item creation: There are no XP cost on creating items, since nobody in the group would use it then. Creation time is rigidly enforced to compensate for this. And since the players don’t have control over their own time and missions, unlimited item creation is not possible.

XP: Everybody gets the same amount of XP, even if they did not attend the session.

Books: Only the standard and a great deal of the forgotten realms source books are allowed.

Teleport: Teleport have been nerfed to ensure that traveling across the Forgotten Realms are an interessting journey and gives a sense of adventure. The range on teleport have been cut in half (50 miles per caster lvl), and greater teleport have been given the same range. Teleport now have cast time of 10 rounds, greater is still instant. Greater teleport have no chance of failure, but the caster must still have seen the destination have a very detailed describtion of it.

Weapon feats: The feats that alter and gives bonusses to weapon, like weapon focus and improved crit, have been altered so they work on groups of weapons, instead of just one type. A group of weapons could be dwarven that consists of warhammer, battleaxe, dwarven waraxe and dwarven Urgosh.

Thoughnes: Works like improved thoughnes. It now gives 1 HP per level, instead of just 3. Thereby the feat have become worthwhile.

Circle Magic: Some of the characters throughout the campaign have acces to the red wizards circle magic. This power works a bit differently in my campaign than described in the DM guide. If the spell levels gained with circle magic is used to add caster levels they still only last 24 hours. But spell levels used for metamagic last until used. This i done, since the players only have acces to fresh circle magic when they are at home, and they rarely fight anything within 24 hours after leaving on a new mission.
Spell levels gained are based on the characters caster level. 4+1d4/5lvl
So af lvl 15 red wizard get 4+3d4 (average 11-12)caster levels to work with, everytime they go on a mission.

House rules

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