Steelbreaker, Vargrim (death by dracolich!)

Dwarven Fighter from the Irondeeps in the Aphrunn Mountains in Chondath



Dark brown eyes, a big braided black beard reaching the top of the belt where it is fastened with a massive copper ring. Bald scalp, plenty of scars. A distinct scar reaching from the top of his forhead and down across the right eye, it looks very brutal. In his mouth, several missing teeth. Vargrim is a particularly big dwarf. He does not exceed the tallest of his kind in height, but outweighs most dwarves, weighing nearly 200 pounds.

Vargrim has hands the size of pot lids. He has a big nose, which seems to be broken and healed again in several places. He does not quite have the “beer-belly” which is a common occurrence among dwarves, especially those occupying the “finer” crafts. Alot of physical changes has happened to Vargrim since he arrived in Cimbar 8 years ago. He lost his big belly and regained the weight in muscle. In those 8 years Vargrim has experienced more fighting than he has the past century of his life. He has spent the last decade honing his fighting skills. He has become a formidable warrior.

Vargrim demeanor is reflected in the way he looks. In his posture he always seems impatient and cranky. You simply want to stay out of his way, Vargrim would never be accosted on the street by a stranger looking for directions. He can be quite unappealing. You see this often when he is interacting with Tharkor, Atwan or Fenwe. Their titles in same order: the cleric of Tiamat, the Red Wizard and the sorcerer. Vargrim thinks it is mostly because they are so much different that is why he can’t really get along with them. Tharkor is at least a brother in arms, so he gets a fair amount of respect from Vargrim because of that. Tharkor’s self centeredness, extravagance and ambivalent tendencies is what sets off Vargrim and is the reason why you find them bickering. Sadly these are probably some of Tharkor’s most valued qualities in his own opinion.

A Vargrim ready for battle is clad in his full plated armour. Black as the night but still shining as a lake in moonlight. The armour is beautifully ornamented with copper in a very typical dwarven fasion; balanced, angular patterns and dwarfish runes, no curves. High shoulder guards, reaching just high enough to protect the temples from sudden impact. Full helm except for the big beard comming out underneath. This beautiful armour needs regular maintainence to sustain it’s shining appearence. Copper goes few days in wind and weather before it appears dull and rough. Vargrim treasures his armour, and he enjoys cleaning, polishing and oiling it.

by Leytraxass or “Lenny”
Copper News Herald,
Eastern Fearun section.

It is true what we know about Vargrim! I tried pulling aside one day when I saw him sitting at the barbeque inside the enclave. The way he greeted me. I felt like turning around instantly and run away like a little girl. He was with Kezir, and I had heard them from a great distance their distinct and loud voices babbling war stories and feats of strength to each other.

- Excuse me sir, you must be Vargrim Stealbreaker, could I have a couple of minutes of your time?
- Wh-what is this? Lady can’t you see I am eating? What did you want anyway?
- My name is Lenny and I am writing an article in the Copper Herald’s adventure section and I really want you for the Conquest of The East part! We could schedule any time you want, if I could just get a couple of minutes
- I’ve heard about that ancient dust pile. That Idiot Tharkor gets it every month. I had an uncle, I swear he died of old age before your people were done asking him questions!
- I, I assure you master dwarf it I will only take a couple of minutes.
Vargrim slammed a fistful of gold on the counter.
- It’s on me today Kezir, get what ever you want while I talk to lassie here.
Vargrim said the last part followed up with a greedy grin.
- Sure I’ve got a minute for you dear, follow me.

He stood up and started walking and he did not look back to see if i was following him.
We entered a little nice jewel store not far away. The inside was furnished partly in a western and a northern style. Everything in here except for the jewelry was made of wood and the decorations reminded me of a dwarven inn, except nothing in here was made of stone.
- Welcome to my shop, feel free to have a look around.
He went a round in his business and he lit all the oil lamps which hung strategically around the store, he planted an iron kettle with water in the embers of his little forge and then got me in a big armchair, which only Kezir could sit in and have your feet on the ground simultaneously. He eventually came to sit down opposite me in his own armchair.

- Well, what do you want to know lassie?
- Right. First Vargrim, I thought we could talk about how you feel about the others in your group. I’ve already seen you with Kezir, and I guess this is his chair I am sitting in. So let us start with him, what do you think about him?
- Kezir fights well and he is willing to go through fire for what he believes in. When that is said I like him the most of everyone in the group. I trust him and he trusts me nothing else really matters.
- I see, so is he not your friend?
- Well, I have not known him for very long. Well sure he is a friend but more important he is a brother in arms and we share a bond deeper than any friendship.

- Aha, so what about Fenwe? he is a sorcerer right?
Yes he is a witch that’s what he is. I often wonder what he has got to hide, if what he does not mind showing you, is so distasteful. Never has it been easier to hate a person.

- And Atwan?
- He is the Wizard right? I’d like to know where he has learned all his advanced battle tactics. Anyway, he either knows some very secret, secret things or he is playing us for fools. Noone is that well mannered, cold and calculating, schooled in so much history, magic, lore and is still so well adjusted at the same time.

- What do you think about Milak?
- We never talk and the silence says more than enough. He knows what I think of him and I know what he thinks of me. Tharkor is very fond of him, maybe I should try and get to know him better.

- Tharkor?
- He is a priest of Tiamat, that means he has ambition. He received the gift of Tiamat, at least that is what he told me. Before I witnessed Tchazar with my own eyes it was observing Tharkor that inspired my belief in the inevitable sucess of the dragon queen.
You already know what I think of Tharkor’s personality.

- Anastasia?
- I honestly have no clue about her motives. I can’t get a read on her. So far she has been reliable. If she is nice to me I’ll be nice to her…

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entry 211:

I do not know what date it is I lost track of times and of how many times I’ve passed out. I am trapped, I cannot get out.

Steelbreaker, Vargrim (death by dracolich!)

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