Lord Nevron

The former zulkir of conjuration. Now Lord Magister of Cimbar


A scheming man clad in dark ropes and a large number of trinkets and jewelry that is most likely magical.

His right arm is always padded in a protective leather gauntlet, with which he holds his fearsome magical staff. A black iron staff with a sickle like top. Cold and frost follow the staff, and the temperatur always drops around it.

He used to have an worn and hunched form. But after the players found an old Narfell demonic ritual, he was able to transform himself into a half-fiend. This have given him greater physical strength and endurance.

His skin is ash gray, his eyes burning like embers and to great bat wings have sprouted from his back.

He is always followed by a duo of black Iron Golems.


The former Thayan zulkir of conjuration, and the chief rival of the feared Szass Taim. He used to be one of the most powerfull wizards in a nation ruled by magic, and by most standards he had achieved the top of what a red wizard could. But this was not enough.

He was by many known as the most war mongering of the zulkirs, and his legion of soldiers and monsters was always ready to attack in whatever direction he wanted. But the politics of his peers changed. Many of the other zulkirs invested in trade and conclaves instead of warfare, and from their perspective war was bad for the profit.

This pressed Nevron and his allies, the zulkir of enchanment and the zulkir of evocation, into a corner. They could not attack other countries due to the risk of retaliation from the other zulkirs, and since many of their types of magic wares were forbidden to sell to foreigners they could not profit from the magic trade.

Nevron decided that Thay was no longer the place for his ambitions of power. So he shifted his alligance toward the divine. And Tiamat, the dragon queen, and her mighty resurrected chosen on the material plane, Tchazzar, had a need to a wizard as powerful as Nevron.

By clever planning he succeded in moving almost his entire legion, and large part of both the Legions of enchantment and evocation, aswell as almost half the Thayan fleet.

Now he is one of Tchazzar’s most trusted servants, and one of the three heads of state. His title is Lord Magister of Cimbar

Lord Nevron

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