Lord Kitarn

The Highest ranking Priest of Tiamat and Cimbar's Lord of Faith


A worn and scared man with eyes like cold steel, and the same color for Hair. He looks like a man who have experienced alot of things in his life, including his share of dark deeds, and always appear to on top on any situation.

He either wears his ceremonal scaled rope, that marks hims as a priest of the dragon queen, or his enormous battle armor with af dragon winged helmet. Over his shoulders he always wears the scaled chromatic cloak, said is whispered amongst the priesthood to be a gift from the dragon queen herself. All of his attire is made of metal in a dark purple hue, that only the highest ranking Tiamat priest is allowed to wear, and shows that he may cary the title of Dark Destroyer in the name of his dark goddess.


Not much is known about the most powerful of Tiamats clerics, and Ghessenta’s new lord of faiht.

Lord Kitarn is from the cold land around Vaasa and The Moonsea, but not much is known about his life before he first appeard in The Vast, as a powerful cleric gifted by the dragon queen himself.

Rumours persist that he was involved in a infighting amongst the many Tiamat cults in the northen lands, that whorships the many dragons of the mountains and remote valleys. Not many complete tales of this time of the church is known by anyone. But one thing is for sure, when the dust settled, alot of powerful clerics were dead or missing, and Kitarn was the supreme leader of the church of Tiamat.

It is not known why Kitarn came to the south east, maybe on orders from Tiamat, or in a vision he saw the great Tchazzar return. Only Kitarn know the thrue story behind his rise to power, but no one questions the gifts granted to him by Tiamat.

Lord Kitarn

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