King Hippartes

King of Akanax and the lord general of the combined armies of Tchazzar


A huge dark haired and regal looking man, with a body built like that of a god. He has a well kept beard and a dark mane of black hair on his head, but his looks deceive his real age. Hippartes was old was old, even during The Time of Troubles, but by serving as the avatar of the god of vengeance, Hoar, his body was blessed. He looks like a man in his prime, and by the looks of it, he will not grow weak of old age for some time.

He is mostly seen in his great Adamantine fullplate, a gift from the dwarves to the south, and with af small retinue of elite soldiers and guards. The mighty iron crown of Akanax never leaves his brow, and he is never without his mighty bastard sword that have been passed down to the kings of Akanax, since the time of its founding.


King Hippartes is by many considered to greatest living warrior and commander in the eastern parts of the realms. Since The Time of Troubles he have beaten countless horrors and champions on the batttlefields, and have built up one of the largest standing armies in Faerûn. Over 50.000 trained professional soldiers stand ready at his beck and call.

But where it not for The Time of Troubles, this would not have been the case. Hippartes was an old and seasoned king when the gods walked the earth, and already hundreds of bards sang about his many victories. But the arm could no longe keep up with his skill. This would soon change. The god of vengeance, Hoar, wanted to slay his rival Ramman, the untheric god of war, but he did not want to risk his own body fighting the mighty war god. So instead he possesed King Hippartes, and with the combined powers of a god and the great warrior king he went to battle. This proved to much for Ramman, and the war god was slain by Hippartes’ blade and the powers of Hoar.

After this Hippartes was given his youth back as a gift from Hoar, and it does not like like he will age for some time.

Hereafter he started building up his armies and power. He soon became the deciding factor in many of the wars between the city states, since no army numbered as high as his. But he never wanted to conquer the land of Chessanta for himself. He is a warrior foremost, and often leaves politics for those he considers lesser than himself.

The situation changed when Tchazzar returned. The great dragon wanted the greatest general of the age to lead his armie into battle, and made Hippartes the offer to become Lord General of the combined armies of his future empire. Hippartes saw a chance to fight with next to one of the most famous leaders of old, a chance to fight new battles against other nations and to test his mettle against the enemies of Ghessenta. He instantly swore his fealty to the great dragon, and with him came the might of his armies.

King Hippartes

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