Gormak the Green Flame

A mighty half-dragon demon of ancient Narfell. Son of Ndullu and the green dragon Ventrikara


A towering and fearsome beast that looks like a cross between a balor and a green dragon. He wears pieces of bronze armor, with which he can summon his mighty demonic sword and whip.

He is always follow by a strong smell of chlorine, and green flames trail around his body while his scaled tail always is in motion.


Bred as a demonic weapon by the demon binders of ancient Narfell.

As he claims himself, he was used to destroy enemy armies and destroy groups of enemy spellcaster with his mighty breath.

He was not used in the final war between Narfell and its rival Raumathar, and therefore he have waited locked away in a binding stone for 2000 years, under the ancient Narfell ruin of Val Murtag.

Until the players stumbled upon the vault used to store his binding stone. They were looking for a way out of the ancient ruin, but was now isolated in the vault complex, and he wanted freedom.

He offered them a wish and a future favor, for smashing the binding stone, and setting him free. To begin with they were reluctant, but being trapped in an ancient ruin deep underground for several days, with a demon sending nightmares in ones sleep, have a habbit of changing ones stand point.

So they dispelled the binding spells and smashed the stone, thereby releasing the ancient being. They whished to go home to Cimbar. He granted the wish, since he thought letting them live would bring more entertainment in the future.

He told the players, to contact him in th future, by looking in a mirror and saying his name 3 times.

Now he is loose to unleash his might on the Great Dale and other nation of the northeast.

Gormak the Green Flame

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